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July 25 2011

QR Technology Approaching Ubiquity in U.S.

In June we discussed Making Room in Your Ecosystem for QR Codes. At that time the good folks at ScanLife had released a report analyzing QR code implementation and interaction rates throughout 2010.  In a nutshell, the findings illustrated how QR technology in the U.S. is on the rise but still not quite to the state of omnipresence.

As we round the corner on the second half of 2011, let’s go to ScanLife’s latest report for a radically different snapshot of QR code adoption.


In mid-2010 ScanLife was only recording 10 QR code scans per minute.  As of this report, they are currently logging one scan per second. As you can see from the graph above, QR code adoption started slow but has grown exponentially since July 2010.  As U.S. handset companies begin to incorporate QR technology into their base models, expect the ‘per second scan rate’ to only increase.

Another golden nugget gleaned from the report is the increased usage among mainstream Americans, detailed in the image above.  As expected the 25 – 34 year old age group leads the charge, followed closely by 35 – 44 year olds.  The first-time homebuyer bracket (25 -34 years of age) has traditionally preferred to interact on mobile devices, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see that the 35 – 44 year old age group is:

1.) so close to the younger age group in number of scans, and

2.) scanning at a higher percentage/rate than the younger age group.  At the current rate this will result in a surplus of tech-savvy homebuyers spread across more age groups than ever before.


The report also contains some interesting stats regarding mobile OS market share, scan rates per city and country, and an interesting comparison between 1D and 2D barcode scanning.  Click here for ScanLife’s Q2 2011 Trend Report.


-  Austin Smith, Goomzee Community Manager


November 24 2010

Goomzee Database Exceeds 2 Million Listings

Goomzee’s database reached a monumental milestone on Tuesday November 23, 2010. With Goomzee’s latest integrations with various Multiple Listing Services and associations, the database exceeded two million real estate listings nation wide.

October 14 2010

Bay Area Multiple Listing Services Choose Goomzee For 15,000 REALTORS

Missoula, Montana – October 14TH, 2010 – East Bay Regional Data, Bay East Association of REALTORS and Contra Costa Association of REALTORS have become the first multiple listing services in California to deploy Goomzee’s text message lead generation tool, Realty Connect®, to nearly 15,000 Northern California real estate professionals.  The three organizations announced in September they had chosen Goomzee to deliver the mobile technology to its members and revolutionize how California homebuyers and sellers receive real estate information on their cell phone.

Goomzee’s Realty Connect® helps connect buyers and sellers using text messaging and integrates with MLS data systems.  Agents place signs or ads regarding a property for sale that prompts potential buyers to send a text message with a unique property ID code.  Within seconds the buyer receives a text message response containing property information and pricing.  The Buyer then has the option to receive and view photos of the listing immediately on their phone. At the same time, the agent is notified of the buyer’s inquiry.  Automated tools and responders then help the agent cultivate those leads and begin to establish a relationship with the buyer.

“We’re pleased to work with Goomzee and help get this technology in our subscribers hands, satisfying both consumers and sellers alike,” states Becky Tobin, President & CEO for the East Bay Regional Data MLS.  “It is our goal to arm our subscribers with the very best technology tools available to help them satisfying both consumers and sellers alike.”

This latest agreement in California expands Goomzee’s market share to include MLS’s in 13 states.  The company’s mobile technology solutions are currently used by real estate agents in 40 states nationwide.

“Bay East’s mission is to help our members succeed as real estate professionals. Today’s REALTOR needs to have access to the latest marketing technology to achieve this goal,” said Pam Winterbauer, 2010 President of Bay East Association of REALTORS.  “The Goomzee SMS platform will allow our members to instantly connect with potential homebuyers and promote their clients’ properties in a new and exciting way.”

“As a former Bay Area resident I can appreciate the need for this technology to satisfy tech-savvy home buyers,” states Mike Sparr, Goomzee’s CEO.  “We are excited to be working with these progressive organizations in Northern California.  Demand continues to increase nationwide for our technology and I expect this trend to continue throughout California.  We’re grateful that EBRD, BEAOR and CCAOR took the initiative to empower more California real estate buyers and sellers with Goomzee’s mobile technology.”

East Bay Regional Data, Bay East Association of REALTORS, Contra Costa Association of REALTORS and Goomzee look to launch their mobile real estate solutions in early November.

About East Bay Regional Data Incorporated
East Bay Regional Data was incorporated in 1991 as a means to provide brokers and agents with a centralized and online source for real estate data. Today, East Bay Regional Data Inc. (EBRDI) is the regions largest MLS cooperative working to provide its subscribers the very best in MLS service.  EBRDI provides comprehensive MLS related information and support services to participants, subscribers and appraisers. These services include access to ongoing training, the latest in real estate technology tools, product research and new offerings, standard MLS Rules and Regulations. For more information visit us online at

About Bay East Association of REALTORS
The Bay East Association of REALTORS ( is a professional trade association serving over 4,300 real estate professionals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area by providing programs and services to enhance their ability to conduct business with integrity and competence. For more information visit us online at

About Contra Costa Association of REALTORS
Founded in 1921, the Contra Costa Association of REALTORS supports the real estate community with a wide range of services and products, including education, government advocacy, professional networking, marketing and public relations, and technical support. CCAR is committed to technological innovation that will lead the way in an increasingly challenging real estate environment. In addition to traditional vehicles, such as MLS access, CCAR is a technology resource—developing and aggregating powerful web-based tools that enable REALTORs’ efficiency and success. For more information visit us online at

About Goomzee
Goomzee empowers real estate agents to connect with today’s mobile real estate consumers using cell phone technology and helps convert more leads into sales.  The company’s product offerings include Realty Connect, a text-message advertising and call capture tool and Realty Mobile, a mobile MLS and branded mobile IDX solution. Goomzee’s products seamlessly integrate with MLS property listing databases to provide accurate, relevant information for the real estate professional and their clients, preventing extra work for the agent while fostering potential buyer and client relationships. To learn more, visit us online at or contact us toll free at (877) 324-1796.

July 01 2010

Online Marketing Specialist Sherry Haacke Joins Goomzee

Missoula, Montana – July, 2010 – Goomzee® (, a leader in mobile advertising and lead generation for real estate sales and marketing, today announced the hiring of Sherry Haacke as Marketing Manager.  Sherry joins Goomzee after a long-standing career with one of the nation’s largest home builders and will fill a critical role helping drive Goomzee’s continued growth in branding and online marketing efforts.  With a deep understanding of the new construction market, Sherry helps bridge the gap between existing and new home sales to round out Goomzee’s expertise in the real estate industry.

Goomzee provides mobile technology tools to real estate agents that allow potential homebuyers to request and receive for-sale property information on their cell phone, received as a text message.  With Congress recently approving the extension of the federal homebuyer tax credit, and the predominance of new homebuyers in the market, the need for mobile solutions that reach these tech-savvy buyers is essential.

“We are very excited that Sherry has joined Goomzee,” said Mike Sparr, CEO and Founder of Goomzee.  “Sherry brings experience in real estate, sales and online marketing knowledge with her.  She was one of the first emerging online sales consultants among the larger builders.  Her expertise in online marketing and real estate will help Goomzee expand its name nationally.”

“I’m ecstatic to join the Goomzee team,” said Sherry.  “I cannot wait to expand and build upon what Goomzee has already done a fantastic job of doing!”

Sherry comes to us from Chicago, Illinois and is now living in Stevensville, Montana.

About Goomzee
Goomzee Corporation provides a mobile marketing technology platform that connects buyers and sellers at the point-of-interest.  Goomzee’s flagship product, Realty Connect®, and Mobile Virtual Tours, specifically assists real estate professionals to win more listings, acquire more leads and close more sales.  Goomzee is an industry leader in text message marketing and continues to innovate from a client first perspective.  We connect buyers and sellers at the point-of-interest.  To learn more, visit us online at or contact us at (877) 324-1796.

May 19 2010

Goomzee Is Hiring! Marketing Manager – Missoula Montana

Goomzee is a web and mobile software company based in Missoula, Montana.  We are seeking a highly-motivated individual to help drive our marketing, product launch and brand management efforts.  Goomzee provides mobile technology software products for real estate professionals.  Our software solutions are used nationwide and we are recognized as a leader in the industry.  This is an exciting time to join Goomzee and we look forward to welcoming the right rock star to the team.

As Marketing Manager at Goomzee, you will work with product management, sales and client services to position and launch new mobile technology products, based on a deep understanding of the market and competitive landscape.  You will work closely with flagship customers and the sales team to track and measure the ROI impact of these new products, and develop ROI-based sales tools to help drive penetration into the sizable real estate  marketplace.


Develop and drive high impact go-to-market strategies

  • Manage and support marketing operations, ensuring consistent branding and quality in all company external communications.
  • Conduct competitive and market analysis to properly position the products for launch
  • Develop launch plans that drive high adoption with existing customers and high conversion with prospects
  • Lead the development of marketing materials and sales tools to empower the client services and sales teams for maximum sales success

Track, measure and prove ROI success with customers

  • Identify and recruit alpha customers to measure ROI impact of new products before launch
  • Develop ROI case studies with alpha customers and other flagship customers that are the vital fuel for lead generation, marketing communications and enterprise selling efforts

Evangelize this success to drive adoption and sales

  • Be a key spokesperson in lead generation activities such as webinars, public speaking opportunities and blogs
  • Partner with sales and client services for flagship customer and prospect sales calls
  • Develop relationships with industry analysts to drive further selling opportunities
  • Manage internal communications to ensure all parties are up to date with the latest project plans and status.

Skills required

Minimum requirements:

  • 3-5 years B2B marketing experience, ideally in B2B2C businesses
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience marketing technology-based products
  • Be exceptionally well organized and a strong project manager, able to manage major product launches
  • Be super “roll-your-sleeves-up”, able to and interested in wearing many hats
  • Good computer, email, Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills
  • Excellent research and analytical skills, able to think outside the box to find answers
  • Excellent communication skills, self-motivated, self-starter, sense of urgency, personable, and well organized.

Skills needed to be a rock star:

  • Strong collaboration, scheduling, time management and negotiation skills
  • Strong attention to detail and eye for high quality design
  • Experience with online publishing
  • Experience with online advertising, banner ads, pay-per-click ads a plus
  • Very strong ad copy and press release writing skills with prior work examples
  • Social networking, writing blog articles a plus

Icing on the cake (one or more required):

  • Real estate experience
  • Mobile technology industry experience
  • Marketing for software startup

Other tidbits

Location: Missoula, Montana (relocation considered on case by case basis)
Reports to: CEO
Direct reports: None to start
Coordinates with: Management (All)

Compensation: Salary plus bonus, Full health benefits


If you think you are a marketing rock star, then this is the job for you.  Goomzee is a recognized national brand in real estate mobile technology and ready to dominate the market with your help.  Goomzee’s management has over a decade of experience building and growing software organizations and deployed software globally for some of the world’s largest companies.  If you are looking to get on the ground floor with an exciting software company located in beautiful Missoula Montana please send us your cover letter, resume, and at least three references.

February 03 2010


Alphabet soup - what the #@$% do all those real estate acronymns mean?!?!

Ever wonder what all those abbreviations mean behind a real estate professional’s signature?  We did too, which is why for the past year we have collected all designations and their definitions/criteria that have come across our radar.  We call this list “Alphabet Soup”.

The list below may be useful to you; if you find any designations we’re missing, please add a comment to this post with as much info as you can and we’ll keep on top of updating the content.  If you are re-posting this list, please give credit where credit is due and link back to Goomzee's Mobile Marketing Blog.

To view the list in its entirety, either click the following link or cut and paste it into your browser's address bar:
 -  <!--session data-->

What Mobile Solution Is Best For You

I came across the above article this morning, and it reminded me of my call with Rob Luna of Diverse Solutions the other day.  He told me how he and his wife were shopping for a new phone for their child, and when choosing pricing plans, they saw “Talk”, “Talk + Text”, “add Data”.  The latter option was another $20-30/mo so they did not sign up.  The most critical services for their phone plan, even for their child, included “Talk + Text”.  Rob stated that it “clicked” and he immediately thought of Goomzee, and our SMS-based solution for consumer access to real estate info (with call capture of course).  “Younger people don’t talk on the phones, they just text,” noted Rob.

Now, over 72% of SMS users are aged 25-49.  This is the exact same demographic real estate professionals are trying to reach in their marketing.  The people you build a website for would rather text than talk to you.  The question is, what are you doing to reach them?  As indicated by wireless carrier reports for the past 4 years, SMS continues to grow and now approximately 80% of US market sends/receives text messaging.  This means no learning curve, built-in technology, and maximum reach to consumers.  There’s simply no better way to reach today’s consumer (buyer) than SMS.

The article above indicates another trend in the US, and that is the shift from buzz of apps to rich mobile web apps, depending on the purpose.  Native apps are excellent for specific purposes and at Goomzee we’ve also built native apps for our clients to manage their text campaigns on today’s popular smart phones.  For search, however, consumers still open their browser and type away.  I’ve seen innovative MLS organizations like Contra Costa/Bay East/EBRD already recognize this and begin to build an impressive suite of tools for their members.

This trend will continue to grow, but it will still take a few years before the consumer reach is significant enough to deliver maximum value.  The latest wireless industry reports cite that between 30-40% of consumers have a data plan.  This means nearly 70% do not, and any app/web-only solution will miss those consumers.  It’s still an early adopter market, so managing agent expectations is key, and concentration will vary in some metro markets.  Price pressures will inevitably force the bundled plans to include data, but carriers will need the next “up sell” first to keep Wall St. satisfied and until then, there will be cost barriers.

Check out Goomzee’s Mobile Marketing Trends page for more information on current US wireless market statistics.

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