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Top 3 Pain Points For Listing Agents


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Hello listing agents,

With inventory levels at all-time lows, now is the time to focus on profit maximization and efficiency for every transaction.  Working with agents around the US, the same pain points seem to emerge and I wanted to reflect on them and share how we help you solve them at my company, Goomzee.

  1. Ficticious Online Leads
  2. Costly Listing Flyers
  3. No Way To Follow Up

If these look familiar to you, please learn how we help solve them below.

FICTICIOUS ONLINE LEADS Every agent I’ve discussed this with can recall the funny email addresses, names and phone numbers they see like “”.  You spend so much time weeding through the fakes, your response time to the real leads suffers and you miss opportunities.  We call this the “Follow Up Trap”.

SOLUTION: Text Message Leads cannot be faked and give you real phone numbers from cell phone providers


We all know the neighbors typically grab the first batch, and then the boxes are empty.  The expense to maintain this marketing tool from design, paper, printing, fuel, travel and your time can quickly add up ($hundreds/month).  Toll free numbers were a great option but consumers today despise being pushed off to a “voice menu or recording” and avoid dialing, resorting to searching on their own but you risk other sites advertising your competition.

SOLUTION: Reusable Text/QR Sign Riders allow buyers to view info on their phone 24/7.


If a potential buyer reads an ad, fills out fake information, or grabs a listing flyer you have no way to know who they are or how to contact them.  This lack of valuable data prevents you from better coaching your clients on pricing and market positioning, costing you and them days, weeks, or months of longer days on market.

SOLUTION: Cell Phone Call Capture alerts you of every request and you can always follow up without Do Not Call concern.


STARTER KIT FOR ONLY $45 We ship you two pre-printed sign riders with text message and QR codes, and our staff links them to your listing for you, so you can try our service for 60 days.  If you love it, then subscribe to our annual plan and I’ll credit you $45, plus ship you 8 additional signs.  Better yet, we ship you signs from Montana so there is NO SALES TAX.

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(sign riders typically arrive in 2-3 business days)


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How Goomzee Connect Works - Diagram

Call: 406-542-9955

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Goomzee Starter Kit Overview

I’m so confident that you and your clients will love this service, that if you decide to subscribe to our annual service, I will credit you the $45 towards purchase of our annual plan, and even ship you eight more sign riders.  There’s no risk for just trying us out, and you still benefit from the savings of our discounted MLS price plans.


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(sign riders typically arrive in 2-3 business days)


Call: 406-542-9955  or email

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