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What Is In Your “Toy Box?”

By Lon Whittier

Remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday?  When getting that new, coveted toy was the one thing you really wanted?  That new toy was great and you played with it for days on end. Eventually, something newer, shinier and “better” came about, and that toy ended up at the bottom of the toy box. – The toy didn’t lose any of the fun.  It was still the same toy that provided endless hours of joy.  The problem was, it wasn’t the newest thing in your toy box.  You still knew it was there, at the bottom, waiting for you to start playing with it again.  You may have pulled it out, played with it and remembered how good of a toy it was.  No other toy quite played the same way as that one did.  But nonetheless you just stopped playing with it.

Now we are older and we get new “toys”.  Sometimes they are actual “toys” we use during our leisure time.  Other times these “toys” are “tools” that we use during our work day to make us more efficient.  All too often, we find ourselves falling into the same pattern we did when we were a child. – Being really excited about this new tool until something newer and shinier comes along.

Through my work with Goomzee, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with real estate agents throughout the country.  Every time we get a new customer, they are excited to add this new “tool” to their marketing toolbox.  They understand the value of what our service does, and they enjoy how easy it is to use.  Immediately they start promoting their listings with Goomzee, and they start seeing leads coming in. – And, every once in a while, one of those leads turns into the sale of that particular listing.

But what happens after that initial excitement?
The agents that have had the most success with Goomzee are the ones that use it every time, on every listing.  Just like a new toy, they keep “playing” with it.  They customize the messages the prospective buyer receives.  They try different things with the sign riders.  They look for ways to differentiate their marketing from other agents with the tools in their Goomzee toolbox.  They look to integrate Goomzee tools into what they are currently doing to market listings.  All in all, they look for ways to maximize all the features.

The agents that have had the least success with Goomzee are the ones that tried it once or twice on a few listings, forgot they had the service, and didn’t continue to utilize it on all their listings.  Maybe the few listings they promoted were in an area with very little traffic, or the prospective buyers in that area were not “tech savvy”.  The truth is, there is no guarantee that a sign at a property is going to generate a phone call, text inquiry, QR scan, mobile homes search, or someone grabbing a flyer.  However, if you aren’t trying to get the attention of every potential home buyer with every marketing tool at your disposal, you are missing out on opportunities to sell.

There are many tools available that real estate agents can use.  Some tools you will choose to buy yourself, some will even be sponsored by your office, company or MLS.  Some are for marketing, others are for CMA analysis.  It’s very likely there are tools sitting at the bottom of your toolbox unused.  There are ones you may have never used, others you may have tried a few times.  Don’t let them sit there unused.  Pull them out and start using them!  You never know what didn’t work on that last listing might be the perfect thing on the next listing.

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